5 Essential Oils To Help You Crush Your Anxiety

5 Essential Oils To Help You Crush Your Anxiety

It’s funny to admit this, but I didn’t even realize I suffered from anxiety until after I had my son. Having another human have to go through the ups and downs of my anxiety shone a light on my issue and allowed me to see it in a way I never had before. Just because the light was on it and I saw it, still didn’t mean I knew what to do about it. Relying on prescription drugs has always been a last resort for me. I don’t look down on those who do take medications for their mental issues. I think getting help is far better than not getting help, yet I didn’t get help. According to the experts, there is a huge segment of mental health sufferers who never report their mental struggles and don’t get help. So, if you are like me and have never seen a medical professional for your anxiety, you’re not alone. Just knowing you’re not alone, should ease some of your anxiety. 

On top of the anxiety we deal with daily, now there's the coronavirus, I think more people are becoming aware of just what kind of unhealthy levels their anxiety can get to when left alone with the news and their mind. What’s harder is, the virus just may be worthy of more than a second thought, so talking yourself off this ledge may prove harder than talking yourself off other ledges you’ve been on in the past. Of course, I say “ledge” completely figuratively. I mean that tendency to take one thought or fear and fixate on it until you make yourself physically ill. Most of the thoughts that have caused me the most anxiety, were only thoughts and not at all based on anything that actually happened. Now, we’ve got something that is actually happening and I know so many people are fighting their anxiety more than ever right now. All the same, we have to function. We have to get out of bed, put on our grown-up pants and go into this world filled with all kinds of uncertainty … and that can certainly give us our fair share of anxiety.

I take this subject extremely seriously, because I know how debilitating anxiety can be. How it can stop you in your tracks and grip your heart with fear in a way that is much too difficult to articulate. How it can take years of your life and how helpless it can make you feel. I know, because I’ve been there. Sometimes I’m still there. It’s hard not to let yourself spiral, no matter how much spiraling is the last thing you want to do. It’s this anxiety that contributes greatly to my pure obsession with essential oils. 

Each step of this essential oil journey has happened quite organically for me. A few years ago my mom started down one of the essential oil MLM paths and in an effort to support her, I signed up as well. The oils smelled great, for the most part, so I used them occasionally, but never did anything more with it. My son and I both have mild to moderate asthma, so the oils proved to be a nice way to make our house smell nice without overwhelming our respiratory systems like candles and incense had done in the past. Surprisingly, over time I started to notice that I felt differently when the oils were diffusing. I felt a level of calm that I hadn’t been able to attain in years. In fact, I wasn’t sure I’d ever felt at peace in the way I did when the oils were diffusing. 

A few years later I’m an Aromatherapy student, owner of an essential oil company, and falling more and more in love with these oils every day. This is so close to my heart, because of how much the knowledge I’ve gained has truly helped me crush my anxiety. The more I learn, the more I want to share. I hope this information can give at least one person confidence that there are ways to crush their anxiety and there’s a possibility to do that without prescription medication. The five oils I’m discussing here are by no means an exhaustive list of the oils that have helped with my anxiety, but they’re some of my favorite go-to oils when I feel particularly anxious and need a solution quickly. I hope they can help calm your anxious mind as much as they’ve help me. 


I cannot describe my love affair with Bergamot. I don’t think it gets the credit it’s due. Bergamot’s aroma is so beautiful and multi-dimensional. It’s strong, fresh and citrusy, yet also soft and sweet. It relaxes and calms, yet also restores and uplifts. When I’m feeling anxious, it’s just the right combination of strength and comfort that I need. It’s no surprise that Bergamot has had a history of being extremely helpful in mental health support.

Sweet Marjoram

Another one of my favorites, Sweet Marjoram is essential to help me crush my anxiety. It has a strange way of stopping my obsessive, spiraling thoughts in their tracks. It’s almost instantly calming and soothing. Stress and tension seem to fade away whenever I smell this beautiful oil. When I’m on the go, I’ll often add only Sweet Marjoram to my diffuser jewelry, because it has a history of working very quickly for me as far as calming my anxious thoughts.


Orange is a smell that I think a lot of people really like and because of that it was one of the first oils I realized help calm my anxiety. I was attracted to it because of its fresh, citrus aroma, but more and more I reached for it because it not only calmed my anxiety, but it also helped my thoughts turn from negative to positive. For me, stopping the anxious thoughts is only one step of crushing my anxiety. Next, I need to replace those thoughts with positive, life-giving thoughts. Orange oil does that for me. In the midst of an anxiety episode, I don’t think I could ever be accused of being optimistic, but with Orange Oil I’m also not pessimistic. So, it’s definitely progress in the right direction.


Before I studied essential oils, I have to be honest, I thought Lavender oil was overrated. I never particularly loved the smell of it and it seemed to be everywhere. I knew what Lavender oil was before I knew what essential oils were. So, it’s odd even to me as I include it on my list. But after studying this amazingly diverse oil, I no longer believe it’s overrated. It’s still not one of my favorite scents (I know, it’s shocking), but it is one of my favorite oils because of the way it makes me feel. It works. That’s the bottom line. It calms my fear and anxiety. It helps me to feel balanced and relaxed. So, it will forever be on my list as one of my must-haves when it comes to my anxiety.


First of all, in my very humble opinion, Lemongrass just smells fantastic. So, smelling something amazing can certainly improve your mood, but this isn’t a list of fantastic smelling oils. It’s a list of oils that can help you crush your anxiety, and that is why Lemongrass made the list. It has such an uplifting aroma that it, like Orange, helps me to not only stop the negative thought process that most anxiety episodes begin with, but also helps to replace those thoughts with more positive thoughts. Lemongrass is a very strong oil on its own, so I use it very sparingly in diffuser blends, because it tends to steal the show. For this reason, it’s also a nice oil to add to diffuser jewelry if you’re having an anxious day or to keep the anxious thoughts away.

So, you may be thinking, thanks so much for telling us about your favorite oils and letting us know you’re an anxious wreck, but how does that help me? Well, this information alone probably doesn’t help much, but I hope this next part does help. I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite anxiety-crushing diffuser blends. These are the blends I make when I feel like I’m losing my mind with anxiety. With that said, if you really feel like you need a quick way to calm the anxiety and there is just no time to start mixing up diffuser blends, you can grab a bottle of any of the oils mentioned and take a few breaths. Also, any of the oils alone would be great on diffuser jewelry, so you can smell it all day and it’s always close. But if you’re wanting to make a nice diffuser blend, check out the blend suggestions below.

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope these oils really help someone start to conquer their anxiety in the way they’ve helped me.

Anxiety Blend #1

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Orange

4 drops Bergamot

Anxiety Blend #2

1 lemongrass

5 sweet marjoram

2 Lavender

Kid’s Anxiety Blend (Ages 5-12)

2 lavender

4 orange

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