5 Essential Oils You Need to Fight Cold & Flu Season

5 oils to fight cold and flu

It’s that time of year. When it seems like sickness is all around us. We're all looking for ways to keep our family healthy without pumping them full of over-the-counter meds or antibiotics. 

We know we can’t prevent all illness, but if you’re ready to learn some new ways to use your essential oils to help prevent and fight cold and flu this winter, then you MUST keep reading.

If you’re anything like I used to be, you mostly use essential oils because they 

smell amazing, which is a really good reason to use them, but you'd love to learn how to use your oils to actually benefit your health and the health of your family. What if we told you that starting today, you could actually use these beautiful aromas to help keep germs from settling in your home, to help you and your family fight off viruses and bacteria. Doesn't that sound amazing? Best of all, it's so much easier than you think! 

We're going to tell you why you need these oils to help you fight against cold and flu and exactly how you can use them starting NOW!


When you think of Eucalyptus oil think virus fighting, congestion reducing powerhouse that can also help you with aches and pains. How can you use Eucalyptus oil to help you fight off cold and flu this season? Great question.

There are plenty of ways to use Eucalyptus, but the one we love the most for cold/flu season is inhalers. Not only does this help to clear congestion, but it will also help you fight off viruses. It should be noted that Eucalyptus is not a great oil to choose for kids under age 12. If you are using oils with children, Cedarwood is a good alternative to Eucalyptus.

We’ll include an inhaler recipe below using Eucalyptus oil to help you fight cold and flu naturally.

eucalyptus oil


Orange Oil (Sweet)

orange oil

Well, even if Orange Oil had absolutely no known cold and flu fighting powers, it would still be a fan favorite purely based on the fact that it smells absolutely amazing. But guess what? It’s awesome at helping fight off cold and flu as well! Sweet Orange Oil is uplifting, supports the immunity system, soothes muscle aches related to the flu and reduces nausea and stress. So, as you can see it definitely should be mentioned when talking about how to fight cold

and flu.If you love Orange Oil, you may also like some of the other citruses, which many of them also have cold and flu fighting power. The main thing to take into consideration is that orange oil is a calming citrus, while the others are much more energetic. So, for nighttime use, we’d definitely only recommend Orange as far as the citrus oils go.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is a very common oil that most “oilies” have in their collections. This oil is mostly associated with sleep, but it also has so many other amazing benefits that most people are unaware of. Well, we’d love to fill you in on some of the other reasons you should definitely keep this oil in your collection at all times. First, Lavender Oil helps support our immune system. It also has been reported to prevent cold and flu, as

lavender oil

well as reduce germs in the air, reduce sinus congestion, helps calm coughs and reduce swelling in our sinuses. This amazing smelling oil is packed with benefits, but if you are in the minority that doesn’t enjoy the aroma of Lavender Oil, a nice substitute is Bergamot Mint.

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil


Tea Tree Oil is another amazing oil that can help us fight this germy season. Tea Tree Oil is the master of clean. It has been reported to help stimulate the immune system to help fight viruses and bacteria, reduce swelling in sinuses, and reduce sinus congestion. Another amazing benefit of Tea Tree Oil is that it also helps calm allergies and muscle spasms.

 Something important to note about Tea Tree Oil is that it’s been found that it can

be harmful to pets. So if you have pets in the home, a great alternative oil is Sweet Marjoram, which will give you the same immune support, but is generally considered safe for pets.

Frankincense Oil

Also another popular oil, or at least commonly known oil. The amazing scent is very recognizable, but most of us don’t know that there’s definitely more to this oil than just a great aroma. Frankincense has been reported to offer immune support, reduce swelling, provide calm for anxiety, reduce nighttime coughing and to reduce germs in the air. Frankincense Oil is an oil that you definitely want to have in your collection.

frankincense oil

Now on to the really useful part of this whole post. Let’s talk about how to blend these oils to help your family fight like a champ during cold and flu season.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for You Today, Germs (Diffuser Blend)

3 drops drops Eucalyptus Oil

2 drops Tea Tree Oil

3 drops Orange

Just as the name suggest, nobody has time for germs. Diffuse this blend during the day to ward off those evil germs. Remember if you have pets, substituting the Tea Tree Oil for Sweet Marjoram works well for this blend.

Sleep, I Need You (Diffuser Blend)

2 drops Lavender Oil

4 drops Frankincense Oil

2 drops Sweet Orange Oil

Diffuse this blend at night to ensure that you get the best rest you can, all while also fighting off viruses and bacteria.

Yucky Hands, We Can’t Stand (2 oz of Hand Sanitizer)

10 drops Lemon Oil

6 drops Eucalyptus Oil

5 drops Tea Tree Oil

5 drops Lavender Oil

Aloe Vera Gel

Directions: Fill your PET plastic container (reduces risk of breaking on the go) nearly to the top with the aloe vera gel and then add oils. Please remember that essential oils are not water soluble, so you will need shake this mixture well each time before you use it.

We love this hand sanitizer, because unlike store-bought hand sanitizer this blend contains no alcohol, will not dry your hands and actually moisturizes your hands quite nicely while fighting germs.

Breathe Easy Today (Inhaler Blend)

5 drops Eucalyptus

5 drops Tea Tree

5 drops orange


Thanks for checking out our blog and we are wishing you a wonderful and safe winter season. Stay tuned for our blog on inhalers. Inhalers are an amazing way to use your essential oils that many people do not utilize because they either haven’t heard of them or they aren’t sure how to use them. Well, we want to help you with all of that, so be on the look out for that blog post.

Until next time, happy oiling!

*The statements or claims in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. please check with your physician before making any changes or using essential oils.

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