7 Little-Known Aromatherapy Uses for Spearmint

Spearmint, or Mentha spicata if you prefer to sound smart, is widely used in toothpaste. You have probably eaten candy that delivers the minty spearmint flavor as well. As an essential oil, spearmint is well known as a digestive system support. But the following 7 uses for spearmint as an aromatherapy treatment are not as widely known.
1 Confidence
Diffused into the air or heavily diluted and massaged over your heart, spearmint essential oil can actually make you feel more confident in your actions.
2 Gas or Flatulence 😱
When you dilute a single drop of spearmint oil and rub it in a clockwise motion over your stomach, you get a handle on your flatulence. (phew, right?)
3 Makes a Great Insect Repellent
Dilute and add to cotton balls. Then place the spearminty concoctions around your home to keep crawling and flying bugs away.
4 Anti-Inflammatory
A couple of drops diluted and rubbed into a swollen or inflamed area on your body can bring the swelling down.
5 Metabolism Booster
You can do this a number of ways. Add a little spearmint oil to your food or diffuse it into the air. You can also massage spearmint essential oil into your abdomen to boost your metabolism and burn calories quicker.
6 Headaches
Dilute and apply directly where you are feeling the pain.
7 Hypertension and High Blood Pressure
Spearmint oil diffused on a regular basis has been proven to control high blood pressure. It also reduces your risk of contracting other cardiovascular and heart related conditions.
There you have it. Spearmint oil is extremely beneficial and rich with helpful and healthy properties...

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