Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner

Keeping Your House Clean, The Natural Way

So, we're all really focused on keeping everything cleaner than usual these days. For those of us who still like to take the natural, chemical-free path, there can be some worry about making sure we're being safe. While everyone is searching the aisles up and down for Clorox wipes, let's be real, they still make me cringe. I still do not want that stuff around my family. So, we are faced with a serious question, do we really trust all of the natural products we've been using to clean and disinfect properly. My answer is a resounding, yes! And I'll tell you why.

Best All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

I've shared this recipe before, and I'll share it again, because bottom line is it works. First, the recipe is made in a 16 oz. glass spray bottle. Remember to use a glass spray bottle when you're using essential oils. I could, and will, sell you a spray bottle if you'd like, but honestly fast shipping and cheaper prices are Amazon's specialty. So, I will leave it to the experts. Mix all of your ingredients in your bottle and give it a quick shake before each use. It's easy, will save you money and keeps things disinfected and clean without giving in to the use of harsh chemicals. On top of all of those benefits, it's really all-purpose. You can use this same mixture on your counter tops, door handles, bathroom surfaces, windows, mirrors and more. I've even used it to wipe down messes in my car and it's worked great.

I usually make up a couple bottles, because I don't necessarily want to take my kitchen cleaner into the bathroom, so I label them accordingly to avoid confusion.

Let's Break Down the Ingredients

First, let's talk about white vinegar. Vinegar is about 5 percent acetic acid. The acid kills bacteria and viruses, by chemically changing the proteins and fats that make up these unwanted visitors and destroying their cell structures. 


Not only has vinegar been successfully used as a household cleaner for thousands of years, but it is also non-toxic, biodegradable and super cheap. In fact, most likely you already have some in your pantry.

All of that being said, when it comes to my counter tops or something that I really need to be sure is disinfected, I start with hot soapy water first to make sure the surface is completely clean. Then I'll spray my all-purpose cleaner on the surface and let it sit for about 30 minutes while I do something else (i.e. sweep, vacuum, etc.). Then I'll come back through and just give the counters a quick wipe down. I mostly do this longer process at the end of the night after I've cooked dinner. For quick clean-ups, I just use the all-purpose cleaner. 

Next, let's talk about why we've chosen this particular combination of essential oils. Vinegar alone, as we mentioned above, does definitely have a ton of cleaning power. But these particular oils are invaluable when it comes to cleaning.  Lemon oil is extremely high in d-limonene, which is has been researched and found to have antibacterial properties. Orange oil is typically over 90% d-limonene, so it too is an excellent choice for killing bacteria. Peppermint oil is extremely high in menthol and menthone, both which have been researched and shown to have antibacterial properties as well.

There are many essential oils you could use here, but we chose these three because of their high antibacterial properties, as well as the fact that they smell amazing together and help to dull the heavy vinegar smell in the mixture.

Definitely keep a bottle of this mixed and ready to use for your every day cleaning around the house. It will save you money and keep your family safe from harsh chemicals. 

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