Why We All Need An Evaporative Diffuser

Until recently I had only used one type of diffuser, an ultrasonic diffuser. I love my ultrasonic diffusers and will probably always have one in every room and use them daily. If you’re not familiar with the term ultrasonic diffuser, they are the diffusers that use water. 

Recently I tried a different kind of diffuser, one I was sure I’d hate. It was a battery-operated diffuser and unlike any other diffuser I’d ever used, it didn’t use water. Instead, there was a pad where the oils were added and then a fan to increase air flow across an essential oil soaked pad or lining. This is most likely the reason I thought I’d hate it, but much to my surprise, I absolutely loved it.

After some research I found that this type of diffuser is often referred to as evaporative diffusers and although they aren't always the most effective way to diffuse, they do come with an amazing list of benefits.

They Travel Well

This past Christmas vacation, I made the mistake of a lifetime. I went on vacation, a very long vacation, without my oils or a diffuser. I had planned to take them and knew I’d want and need them, but the thought of transporting one of my diffusers and then the water and the mess and oil waste that would occur on the trip was just too much. I knew we’d be moving around a lot on this vacation and even at home sometimes I diffuse for awhile and then there are oils and water still in the water tank. Well, at home it’s no big deal. I just diffuse it later, but when you’re traveling sometimes you end up tossing expensive oils down the drain, so you can pack up and move on to the next location. As you can guess, this trip ended with all three of us fighting off colds and congestion and allergies without the help of our essential oils.

If I had known about the evaporative fan diffuser at that time, this would have never happened. These diffusers are easily tossed in your suitcase and because they don’t use water, you don’t have to worry about any mess as you lug them from place to place. Most are battery-operated, so you don’t need to worry about one more cord on your trip. That also means they will work well in a car if necessary.

They Are Battery-Operated

Although most evaporative diffusers can be plugged in via USB cord, they can also operate completely by battery. This is so convenient for multiple reasons. First off, you aren’t always near an outlet. I don’t know about you, but I have a favorite seat in the house. It’s my loveseat. I sit here to read, pray, think, watch TV. You name it, it’s my favorite place to sit in my house. It’s perfect, except for one little thing … it’s not near an outlet. So whenever I’m in my favorite place in the house, I am not near one of my many ultrasonic diffusers (which all need to be plugged in). Until now, because now I sit my little battery-operated diffuser right next to me on the little side table and my favorite seat in the house just got so much better.

They Run Continuously

Since they don’t use water, these little beauties have a continuous run time. We all know the pain of having to keep refilling and restarting our diffusers around the house. It’s well worth it, believe me, but having a diffuser that doesn’t require all of that sure is nice. Eventually the oil on the pads dissipates and you will have to add some more oil, but we’re talking a lot less maintenance than your typical ultrasonic diffuser.

Sometimes the best remedy is the one you actually use. While an ultrasonic diffuser may be more effective, if you're not going to use it because you don't want to deal with the water refills and starting it over and over again, it can't work. So this continuous run time feature, may be the difference between someone using their oils and not using their oils.

They’re Less Expensive

This is just a little added benefit that I noticed. These little evaporative diffusers are typically smaller and less expensive than the ultrasonic diffusers. They are typically more for personal use, meaning that they do not cover as many square feet and are used for smaller spaces. For that reason, these little guys are much less expensive and you can get a great unit for around $20. Something to consider is that for most evaporative diffusers, you will need to purchase refill pads, which run around $5 for 6 pads. The pads last quite awhile, so you won’t be buying them often.

To sum it up, these evaporative fan diffusers are great to have around and I think everyone should own at least one. Whether you use it around the house or take it along when you travel, you will definitely be glad you have this as an option when diffusing your oils. Although we focus on the fan-operated evaporative diffusers here, jewelry is also a great on-the-go evaporative diffuser. You can check out the different fan-operated evaporative diffusers at Essential Oil Addiction by clicking here!

Happy Oiling!

*The statements or claims in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. please check with your physician before making any changes or using essential oils.

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