About Our Essential Oils

We sell Aromë Essential Oils exclusively.

Artisan Luxury Essential Oils

Only the best. There is no comparison.

Not all essential oils are created equal. Some "cheap" companies claim they sell pure oils but are often diluted or mixed with synthetic oils, sometimes doing more harm than good. Aromë has dedicated more than 20 years of quality assessment to refine their current inventory.

These exceptionally fine essential oils come direct from small-scale farms and essential oil distilleries and are 100% pure (never diluted). We ensure quality cultivation, ethical extraction methods and authenticated results - only the best. 

These organic absolutes are very rare, made in small batches at artisanal distilleries, and are among the finest in the world. 

Aromë specializes in CG/MS VERIFIED 100% PURE, therapueitc-quality essential oils with lots of different essential oils from 6 continents worldwide. 

Aromë essential oils ensure maximimum freshness because we only bottle and label our oils once an order has been made. All of our essential oils are bottled by hand with personal care for every order. Aromë doesn't use automated machines or cheap low-quality processes, nor do we make hyped up, unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of essential oils. The quality of our essential oils speaks for itself.

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Can your oils be taken internally? Can I ingest them? 

The short answer is yes (and no).

Any of our food grade oils that are on the FDA list of "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) list are technically able to be ingested... 

You can see the FDAs full list of safe oils to ingest here >> https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?fr=182.20

All our oils are 100% pure essential oils with NO additives, but we cannot with good conscience recommend any specific details on ingestion. 

That's because we don’t recommend anyone ingesting any essential oils unless you are WELL TRAINED in this method, or under direct supervision of a trained aromatherapist, to know which kinds of oils you can do this with, proper dosage, your known medical conditions, etc.

All essential oils are MUCH BETTER to be absorbed into the bloodstream when simply inhaled, or used topically.  There is A LOT OF HYPE out there these days about ingesting oils (and some even claiming that "their oil is the only safe one because they are the only ones who recommend you ingest it), BUT THE TRUTH is that they tell you these things because they want you to USE MORE of it (and have to BUY MORE of it).

We promote safety when using essential oils, and it is called AROMATHERAPY for a reason - the reason is that many of the beneficial effects that essential oils can exert come through the stimulation of the Olfactory Nerve, when INHALED, going DIRECTLY to the brain, and it provides a unique pathway through which essential oils are able to directly affect the central nervous system and the immune and endocrine systems without being absorbed into the blood. When you add your oils to your drinking water or, especially, take them in capsules, you lose these benefits.

In fact, some essential oil constituents are actually destroyed when they contact the fluids in the stomach. Lavender essential oil is a good example: among the most therapeutically important constituents in Lavender essential oil are the so-called esters, and esters are virtually destroyed in the stomach. If you’re adding Lavender essential oil to your drinking water you might as well be flushing it down the drain! In addition, some essential oil constituents may be reduced or destroyed by what’s called the first-pass liver metabolism when you ingest them, and we don’t really have enough research to know how big an issue that may be in most cases.

Responsible essential oil companies put a warning against internal use on their labels (even if they are actually safe to ingest). This is NOT because the essential oils they are selling are in any way of "lesser quality" than those sold by companies pushing internal use. It is because responsible companies know that an untrained consumer incurs unnecessary risks by ingesting essential oils without proper training.

So our answer is yes and no. Yes, our oils are SAFE & 100% Pure. But not all oils are best used in that manner, and we recommend not doing it unless under direct supervision of a trained aromatherapist.


 Are your oils "Therapeutic Grade"?

The short answer is yes. 

The more correct answer is that there is really no such thing. You’ll often see reps from MLM companies validating spurious advice on the basis that their essential oils are ‘certified pure therapeutic grade’ or 'therapeutic grade'. Actually, this is nothing more than a self-awarded marketing term.

There is no industry standard that defines ‘therapeutic grade’ essential oils. Any 100% pure essential oil is technically therapeutic grade.

To suggest that all other 100% pure essential oils are worthless if they do not say the word 'therapeutic' on the label is pure fiction. Some companies prefer not to mislead consumers by using made-up words.